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See below for just a sample selection of just SOME of our happy clients!

Hello Virginia,

First of all thank you for all the help with the resume, cover letter and the linked in update.

Ever since I have started applying this week, I am seeing positive responses to my application. This never used to happen with my earlier version of the resume.


Thanks again for all your help.




R.R., Mississauga, ON

Dear Virginia,

Thank you so much for helping me in my professional resume.

You have accurately understood my requirements. Without your hard work and efforts I would not be confident in applying for jobs in Canada. I really appreciate your guidance and the efforts you spent in my resume.

You are very helpful and kind. 

Looking forward for an association with you in Canada. I am thanking you again for your help in my resume.




Virginia did an excellent job! My cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile reflects what we discussed during the consultation. I am much more confident applying for jobs. Thank you so much!



Hey Virginia, 


Just wanted to say thank you for all the help with the CV and the LinkedIn profile. I finally started getting calls last month, and attended some interesting interviews. 


I got offered a permanent role as a Senior Financial Analyst at PC Financials and start tomorrow. Hoping this acts as the first step in my transition and growth in the Canadian job market. 


Thanks so much for your all your help and patience with my questions.


Kind regards,


It’s rare that you come across someone as talented as Virginia. I have had the pleasure of consulting with Virginia several times over the years as I undertook a new job search. What impresses me the most is Virginia’s ability to “bring to life” your professional experience and accomplishments in a way that stands out in the digital age. I would and have recommended Virginia to many colleagues and they have had the same result. Virginia would be an asset to any professional seeking to build his or her brand. -H.P., PA 
"It is very rare to find such a unique writing talent. Working with this business has truly changed my career path. When I first met with Virginia (a consultation she insisted because she said she felt my situation was complicated and it would be best to meet in person), I was depressed and feeling lousy about my job. An hour later, I felt that for the first time in a long time someone actually paid attention to MY career and made me feel that I was in the drivers seat. Virginia is a very good listener and paid attention to everything I said. I walked out feeling hopeful and uplifted. 

Four days later, she emailed me my new resume and cover letter. It was outstanding and a clear reflection of our conversation and strategy for me. I was thrilled. In a few weeks, I had 4 interviews scheduled. Exactly 5 weeks after we first met, I accepted my dream job with a pay hike of $18,000. 

This lady is a career guru. She is patient and understands this market very well. I will be her client for life. I will never work with any other resume writing company. I highly recommend Shadow Management Consulting and the expertise of Virginia Jeyapal.

--S.R.F., Toronto, ON
March 2019

Working with Virginia has been a great experience. I have sought out Virginia's expertise during various career transitions and with her knowledge and skill I have landed better roles each time.

-L.A.V, Toronto, ON
March 2019

Thank you so much for your support, I am super excited to start submitting my new profile together with an updated resume to employers.


Thank you again, as soon as someone will be asking me about resume services, you will get my referral for sure.


Best regards


Hi Virginia


Words alone can not express how thankful I am that I went with your services!!

It’s been 11 years since I last did this, but marketing myself with the resume and LinkedIn profile you provided has made this scary chapter in my life so much easier. 


Thanks again




3 weeks in.....

5 interviews and 45 LinkedIn search appearances :)

I found myself unemployed after being recently laid off, and was also unhappy about my current career direction. I made the decision to transition my career from Electronics to Full Stack Development. Rather than just hope for the best, I went to an expert for help, and it proved to be a great investment! After a brief consultation interview, Virginia expertly crafted the perfect resume and Linked In profile that lead me to getting the interview and accepting a Full Stack Developer position a local startup.
St. Catharine's, ON
Oct 2018

Well, it happened! I ended up snagging a brand new job with more HR responsibilities! Although not quite in the desired salary range, there seems to be lots of room for growth into a full time HR Associate role. I am super happy and excited, and of course, super thankful I got to work with you!
It all happened quite fast too! I applied to the posting and they called literally five minutes after. I signed the offer letter in less than a week AND, based on the strength of my resume, I was able to negotiate a higher salary than what they were initially offering.
Thanks for gilding the path of my HR Career~!
A.N., Toronto
July 2018

A handwritten note that we truly appreciate!

If you ever feel a little lost with your career and need some guidance, this is the service for you. The owner and senior writer, Virginia Jeyapal is one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, personable career consultants I have met. She is a kind person who is patient and listened to me so intently. She then offered me solutions and explained to me how we need to go about my job search. I walked out of her office feeling completely confident with new hope. In less than a week, I received my new resume and cover letter. I couldn't believe how well she understood me and my skills. Very gifted at what she does. I soon recieved numerous interview calls and was able to pick the right job for me. 

I recommend this company without ANY hesitation.

Worth EVERY PENNY. Worth it when you think of how much you spend on your education.

S. R., Toronto,
June 2018


Wow, this quality work should get my phone stay very, very busy. Excellent work. 

K, B, Toronto, ON

Excellent Virginia. I strongly believe you have a natural inborn talent identifying ones career potential. Virginia, I am speechless. You did an absolutely fantastic job. I am very pleased with the new attachments.


Kind Regards and wish you a blessed weekend!!




G.J, Mississauga

Virginia, after an extensive research to find a good professional resume writer, I was simply so grateful to connect with you.  My son and daughter,  have now found suitable jobs in their profession.  Your approach and guidance was amazing.

Your attention to detail and writing skills is most definitely   “One of A Kind” l!!

Thank you for your professional service ! 

A.N., Mississauga

It is my pleasure to send you my feedback on such a wonderful and incredible job you have done on preparing  my resume / cv and could not have done this without your help and sure others as well.

I would definitely recommend to anyone including family members and future coworkers of the great work that you provide to your clients on a daily basis. Again I am extremely impressed with your professionalism and the positive approach to your customers needs.

You are most definitely the industry bible writing resume services, 


It has been great pleasure doing business with you Virginia,

and have a great day, 


Best regards,

- Daniel G., Mississauga, ON

I am a certified Finance professional who has over 25 years of experience and has been doing consulting/contracting since 2011 with several clients. I’ve been updating my resume on my own for quite a while. It was getting too long considering so much work experience and companies. I’ve asked myself if I needed an expert this time to put it together. I did research to find the right professional. I connected with Virginia in 2015 to avail her service.

I find her very knowledgeable in presenting a candidate in written words. She highlights your strengths and arranges your resume in a concise but impactful format. I have three client engagements to-date since meeting Virginia.

I see her as a secret ingredient for success. I will continue to partner with her as I do consulting engagements. I highly commend Virginia for her gift of words.

- A.L., Mississauga, ON, CPA/CGA

I have used Virginia's professional services on three separate occasions as my career and education has progressed. Virginia has a natural born talent for extracting an individual's work experience and relating it in written form in a way that WOW's prospective employers. In the latest use of Virginia's services she also updated my LinkedIn profile. I can tell you that each time I have used her professional services I have obtained new employment within 30 days.

If you are looking for a professional resume writer or career coach I highly recommend Virginia. The lifetime return for the monetary investment you will make utilizing her services is immeasurable.

Chris T.A., Healthcare, HR Professional

Virginia is a branding expert! After rebranding my resume and cover letter, I could not stop my phone from ringing with offers. From small business to the biggest corporations in Canada, and in between, I had to make some big decisions on my career and I give total credit to Virginia who made this possible in a ridiculous quick turnaround time. I highly recommend her. Without a doubt, the best in Canada! Hands down.

N. Rico, Marketing, Sales, Digital Branding

Virginia's attention to detail is exceptional when it comes to constructing resumes and revising LinkedIn profiles. There's something to be said about having absolute confidence in how one's resume illustrates his career; Virginia's capability did just that for me. If you are serious about your professional appeal through your resume then look no further.

R.W., Regional Sales Manager, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

After an exhaustive job search, I enlisted the help of Shadow Management Consulting. Having recently gone through a career transition, I needed specialized help to market my skills.
Virginia was such a pleasure to work with. I immediately felt I was in good hands. Her thoughtful approach, allowed me to speak freely and with ease about my experiences and goals. She was able to take elements of our conversation and produce a professional, detailed, and convincing cover letter and resume. 


 It took me about 3 weeks until I got the interview (and ultimately the job) I wanted! I really could not have done it without her help. I have since referred her to numerous colleagues who are job searching as I firmly believe her approachable, yet professional style delivers results.


B.Martins, Toronto, ON



Thank you so much for your well wishes. I will for sure recommend you
to colleagues and friends. You did a great job with my resume. It looks very
professional. Thank you. I wish you the best with everything as well.

Lily Fernandez, Pvt, Toronto, ON

Virgina, It's perfect. Thank you so much. Wish I had some business card
of yours to hand out. I am very pleased and I don't think we need to change a

Anne B., Nurse, Loudonville, NY

WOW…great job; 100% better than my home-made-want-to-be-resume!

S.Jackson, Pvt, Newmarket, ON


"WOW, I really am impressed with your work! Not only did you
miraculously transform my old outdated resume and rough notes into an AMAZING
upwardly transitional resume, you totally re-branded my whole professional
image. The turnaround was so fast and you saved me countless hours of
struggling with this task and the result won't have been anything close to your
quality. Whenever I need anything else done you will be hearing for me."

Mark Bhuj, Toronto, Ontario



Thanks to all your staff; I am very happy with the resume and i dont
know how to thank you.

Mohammed S, ., Bronx, NY


This letter is a testimonial of the service that I have recently
received from you.
I am quite familiar with different types of resume and cover letter; in
fact, my teaching experience in a private career college includes some job
search preparation classes.

The resume and the cover letter that you prepared for me few weeks ago,
in my opinion, are both written in contemporary and comprehensive manner. The
format of the resume stipulates my qualifications and professional
achievements, emphasizes the main steps in my professional career. The cover
letter is very well written and includes many details in support of the
position that I am applying for. I feel some confidence and joy now having my
new resume and cover letter.

Thank you again for you professional service.


A. Prokopchuk,  Toronto, ON


This looks beautiful, the resume and cover letter are awesome and I can
not wait to use them!! thank you again!

Robin Deem, Pittsburgh, PA

Wow, What a difference!! Finding the right person to getting the job
done right is never easy.

This is Fantastic!! If you don’t mind, I will go thru it with my boss
at home and get back to you.

What a great job!!!

And thank you SO Much!!

Kenneth S., Private, Toronto, ON


Virginia did a fantastic job on a full rework of my resume and cover
letter with a very limited timeframe. The end result was a polished,
professional presentation that effectively showcased my skills strengths and
experience far more effectivley than any resume i had previousy used.

Gina Hosie, Toronto, ON


What you have done with what little I gave you is amazing. I can't find
the words to express to you how happy I am...You are extremely talented and I
can't believe what you have turned my little experience into.


Sandra F.C, Denver, CO


Your service is truly amazing and helped me find a job in 12 days after
being in the market for over 3 months. I was truly impressed with your
dedication and level of customer service. Very rare nowadays!

Tim Foster, ., Washington, DC


I have 2 interviews next about results!

Janis Sola Burns, ., Chicago, IL

This looks REALLY GREAT! I could interview with this resume. You make
me sound like I could do ANYTHING! Thanks so much!!!

Linda Pope, Vancouver, BC

Hi--just reviewed and have to tell you it is AMAZING what you have
done. I'm very impressed because I spent hours upon hours trying to get it
where it was and you then took and totally transformed it and...thank you for
getting it on 2 pages! Thanks again.

Audrey McKenzie, ., Toronto, ON

Within 3 days I had a brand new resumes and cover letter than made me
feel confident in m job search. This company is worth every dollar you invest.
The rewrite you've done is fabulous and exactly what I needed and hired you to
do. You've done your job--and very well.

Bill Stone

You have been a true pleasure to collaborate with. From the minute I
contacted this company, I recd. the best customer service and expertise. The
consultants are excellent and they understood my career very well. Within 3
days I had a brand new resumes and cover

Janet Drakes,  Louisville, KY

I reviewed my resume and I am very happy with the results of your
preperation of it.

Thank you, I am so happy with everything.

Danny Boh

Good morning! I was able to save the files and edit them successfully.
So we are good! Again, thank you so much for your help. Awesome awesome
awesome! :)


Have a great day.

Elijah W. Cozorla, N/A, Confidential